@garfield I really really really really like this - content and stylistically

@emsenn omg thank you so much that's so so lovely of you to say thank you

@garfield Any chance you could get it in one screenshot, or would you prefer it be shared as four images like this?

@garfield Actually can you like, email me the full text? I think I want to poster this. emsenn@emsenn.net (sorry but this is a message I want to say, but don't have the words for myself at all and this is beautiful. My partner has been staring at the wall since I read it aloud to them, starting like 20s after you posted it.

@emsenn I just sent it! honestly that- that really means a lot to me wow. thank you. i don't really know what to say but thank you for being so kind

@emsenn That's very nice of you to ask, those are totally fine!!

OCR Output (chars: 1267) 

@Thomas wow thomas thank you so much that really really means a lot to me

@garfield I think this is the first poem I've seen from you, but I'd encourage you to post more! @derek does #VerseThursday and a lot of folks have joined in

@Thomas that's very kind of you to say! I didn't know that was going on, I was mostly intending to use this account for that kind of stuff lol

@wicche wherever you like imo. thank you so much that's very kind to say

@garfield I have to think of the right place but like seriously it's gotta happen

@byttyrs aaaa mads you know this means a whole lot especially coming from you!

@jacethechicken wow thank you thats very nice to say thank you for reading!

@garfield garfie I have never been ""too"" kind to you, you deserve this praise because beauty deserves to be acknowledged

@Ophillous well thank you very much friend, and right back at you

@garfield garf this is a gd banger and the... i guess you don't call it a punchline in poetry. the turn? anyway you really went in for the kill with that and i loved it

@triz you can call it whatever you like lol. thank you so much queen

@garfield okay I liked it but it seems like it’s less of a poem for me than it is for this economy guy. hope he sees this

@garfield this owns and i kind of love the way it's presented as four images

@operand thank you so so so much! I figured it would look better than a big bunch of text on a single image im glad it works for you

@SunSaint I would never try to push an agenda on my readers with political correctness, sorry

@garfield this rules so hard and I may or may not have several takes of reading it in my phone rn

@melissasage oh wow thank you... let me know if you end up posting it lol

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