i'll be honest for some reason i thought this instance shut down i am a dumbass

i have a post im gonna do it.. im gonna post

We built a club in the bathroom of the Melon Computer Minecraft museum! Come dance online! Streaming next Wednesday with sets by @i_am_a_knife @MIMIDEATH @jochem_joost @IndustrialBreakdown @zaadpiraat @nuel

Hi! The time on the banner is incorrect, we're streaming at 5PM EST! So in 1 hour and 20 minutes! melon.computer

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u ever go to the forest and then someone's gone and fuckin scrombled all the trees? goddamnit

maybe i am re posting some things here but i think they fit with the energy im tryna make yknow

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Melon Computer

entropy salad bar. drink lettuce today