So you might have seen it already, but we're reversing the decision to take the Mastodon instance offline. will remain active and the Mastodon instance will stay up. We're not shutting down. If you need help getting back into your account, you can DM this account or @nuel. And if you'd like to join, here's an invite link: (expires in one week)

Unicorn Riot (decentralized media organization covering protests in MN)

MPD150 (A MN project challenging the narrative that police exist to protect and serve. Also organized this list of places to donate in the first place! Thank them with a donation!

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here are some places you can donate, if you are able:

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund:

Minnesota Freedom Fund (pays bail for those who cannot):

Reclaim The Block (coalition demanding Minneapolist divests from policing and invests in alternatives):

Black Visions Collective (MN an organization dedicated to Black liberation and collective liberation):


Return To The Aquarium stream is now online (finally) if you want to rewatch it! Thanks again to everyone who joined!

Hi! The time on the banner is incorrect, we're streaming at 5PM EST! So in 1 hour and 20 minutes!

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We built a club in the bathroom of the Melon Computer Minecraft museum! Come dance online! Streaming next Wednesday with sets by @i_am_a_knife @MIMIDEATH @jochem_joost @IndustrialBreakdown @zaadpiraat @nuel

For everyone stuck inside, @QUENTINZERO created a hangout spot and party in Google Docs. Come add things, talk to people, write some poems together, play games

Mid tier patrons of Melon Computer now get a custom logo designed to show off they are Our Benefactors. If you’d like to become one too, go here:

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