In the past weeks, I've been removing my old accounts on the Fediverse, so this also means goodbye for me. I love you all deeply and I'm very grateful to have met all of you. If it wasn't for this Web Site I would have never figured out my gender. For many of you, it probably won't be a final goodbye and if we've ever interacted before, feel free to add me on Discord: nuel#1462. So. See you around, out of my dick, turban sage forever, knzk forever, say happy birthday to eve for me :nuel:

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Friends. Whoever is still logged on. I've decided to shut down the Mastodon instance of Melon Computer. Our Discord will still continue. We'll probably have events there at some point as well. If you'd like to stay updated, join us there: If you have an account here, you can download an archive of your data until August 1 2020.

done! is now running the latest version

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