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me pointing a gun at you 

[bernie voice] looks like dicks back on the menu boys

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@owashii @nuel ff f f f f ff f aabvevev6????? jj j cuiiiceice ssmmooisisisstststtttt notitificiiationsosns sjn uyuymmummmymyyy

the thought of finally leaving the hague and living in a small friendly city with lots of nice creative people, good music and a cute foresty river to visit is making my heart warm and my head sunny

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hgnhrnhrnrNHRRRHNRHGNRGHNRGNRgrGRGR Grg4grRGRGR goging aboslutelty FERAL with all this omisture MGJGNBRJN GRR GRGRG RG RNGRNG njgnrjng givmme ALL the juicy juicy atoms and molcelfukeslls,,,,, taking LALLS the juicy particules andjn SLLUUERUROORPPPINGNG ing them up AAHHHnhhhhhh yummy uyumymy

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Some paleontologists think that dinosaurs may have roared, growled, barked, or even chirped!

But I would like to propose that they laughed, soft human-like laughter,

They’re coming

can’t you hear

the laughing of the raptors

update: i may have found something next to said river

small town in east netherlands. there are hills and a river. i will be happy

thinking about if @EhoNo1 will ever finish the giant sylveon statue

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If your pronouns are sometimes or always "they", please fill in this short survey. :)

(It's short in terms of not many questions and they're quite easy with many checkboxes, and also short as in it closes on Sunday 23rd Feb 2020!)

#pronouns #nonbinary

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subscribe to my onlyfans. i won’t post nudes but i can email you the same picture of lightning mcqueen every day

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do not reply to this post with “menbies”. don’t do it. i see your fingers trembling with restraint. i see the sweat dripping from youre forehead. we’re all thinking it

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listen up here fucker i am adorable and deserve love, attention, one million dolla

some kind of crossing? for animals? what will they think of next

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