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i present: "google looking glass" – an animated version of that one moment in @hahayeahpod episode 4 (w/ @selontheweb and @hyperlink)

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dont forget these classic mastodon memes:
* scrape bowly
* five million
* there’s a thing under my bed andy
* steve,s

putting the hormones in my pasta, makin progesteroni

asking my friends, family, comrades, lovers to pleas "fuck the fuck off"

contrary to what people believe, we do have blue checks over on mastodon. we just call them the "healyn boost"

socks and otherwise nude is what daffy duck must feel like

Broke: Big tech use our data to give us more personalised experiences.

Woke: Big tech use our data to sell us shit.

Bespoke: Big tech don't have any idea what they're doing with our data and are largely just making up some shit about algorithms. They hope at some point they can use our data in an effective way, but at this point they have no clue what that is. Instead, they sit on our private data like dragons upon a golden hoard.

anyone else think it's really fucked up how humans basically live in a larger cage than us hamsters? i smoked weed before writing this

i am apolitical! i dont get involved in politics! it aint my scene! i am a bumbling fucking imbecile! i am so fucking clueless! i am ignorance on legs! and this allows me to discern exactly what it is thats going on here

@nuel first person to get fedi working over teletext wins one boop

brb gonna go slap Byrne Fone, he reports on the writing and life of one Jennie June but misgenders her consistently, even though he notes that she "considered [herself] more female than male," and that "[she] would prefer 'her'"

the tiresome thing about this book is that all of Fone's gay heroes within it hate effeminacy. what bores. I desperately need to read Gay New York and find out more about the "fairies" who were openly and unmistakeably gay, because this text doesn't really factor that in as a mode of resistance

lesbophobic but very funny 1893 newspaper reporting 

It's unsurprising that Joker's obvious interest in class has been obfuscated by shallow discussions of gender issues which the film doesn't touch on. It's interesting that the movie *encourages* such obfuscation. Fleck tells us he isn't political, the director tells us the film isn't political, and even though class is obviously the main theme, it is certainly not treated coherently.

I think Joker is haunted by the spectre of class conflict at every level.

Absolutely fascinated by the mainstream discourse surrounding Joker (2019) and its relation to the film itself. This definitely isn't the first time that mainstream critics completely miss what a film is about but it's interesting that this happens in a case where the director clearly misses what his film is about as well.

every single boys chat that i am in i randomly select posts i see on the timeline and screenshot them with a caption like "what the fuck is this" and everybody else joins in to calling this person a mind freak because my Charisma is so high

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